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To whom it may concern,

This is Miho Haneda, a sophomore student at International Christian University in Japan, studying Information Science and Education. Since I am interested in how “the culture affect our personality,” I am curious how teachers/adults interact with students in Sweden. I know that Sweden has a unique educational culture that students are free to do what they want in schools, have less homework, and they put importance on students’ motivation. Also, it is amazing that Swedish schools have volunteer supporters (does not have to be teachers) in school.

My curiosity came from the experience in New Zealand when I was 17 years old. I was studying abroad then, realizing the critical problems that many Japanese students were not extrovert, that they stuck together almost all the time. Then I went to a kindergarten in New Zealand to see how people there spend their childhood. This was when I realized the huge difference in the educational system, wherein NZ, the kids were free to play what they want, whereas, in Japan, children spend much time on group activities. Although I believe Japan owns a beautiful moral philosophy (Five Confucian virtues) in one aspect, I see the problem that many Japanese are afraid of being different from others; they don’t take actions nor express their feelings much. Under these circumstances, I would like to observe how the teachers and students are interacting in Sweden. Then, I was wondering if I could see some of your school classes.

For more information about me, here is my website.  I am sorry that the blog is mostly written in Japanese, but you can see my background and profile in English. 

Thank you for reading. 

Best regards,