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City walk with Japanese Traditional Clothes – “Kimono” Rental

※Recommended in Asakusa!
If you want to have exotic experience in Japan, you should try Japanese traditional clothes. It looks really good on your photos! Approximately, ¥3,500~¥4,000 per person, (depending on the season, number of people too) but if you make a reservation before your visit, you can get discount too. Even thought it is not shown in the photo, there are kimonos for men too.
Some Kimono rental shop that has English speaking services are listed here ↓

Visit Tokyo Station at Night (Free)

When you use the bullet train (Shinkansen) to travel around Japan, you may use this station. Tokyo Station has an amazing brick-style building that you will enjoy walking around. If you go to the highest floor of KITTE building next to the station(Free), you can get a nice view of entire light-up around.

Ginza Shopping (World rank Brand-shop Street)

If you are interested in brand apparel, Ginza is the place to go. Just walking around the area is also a choice. SUKIYABURG is my favourite Hamburg place to eat, and not so expensive (around ¥2000). Super juicy and delicious, but always crowded.

Try Onsen (Hot spring) at Oedo Onsen

Japanisches Bad Ooedo Onsen Monogatari in Odaiba in Tokio

Oedo Onsen is an entertainment leisure place with a hot spring
As we do not put on the swimsuit to take onsen, if you are not comfortable, you can either not taking an onsen (enjoy leg-only hot spring/Japanese food with yukata, which is traditional Japanese clothes) or, stay at the hotel there. 

Meiji Jingu (Free)

Are you tired of the city? Meiji Jingu is the best place to feel nature in the middle of Tokyo with a lots of trees with nice breeze. The place is one of the oldest / biggest shrines in Tokyo. Feel the mysterious and sacred atmosphere over there. Wish your dreams, and you can also get lucky charm/omikuji (fortunate telling paper) there.

Ema (wish-writing)

Tsukiji/Toyosu fish market (Free for walking around)

If you like sushi, this is the definite visit! So many fresh seafoods you can eat! At Toyosu in the early morning(probably around 5:30 am), there is an event called “seri” where people scream for selling fish; typical/traditional way of selling fresh fishes.
It is hard to get a chance to see this because you have to reserve this at least 25 days before and win the lottery. However, there are many displays at Toyosu for Japanese fish market and many seafood snack at Tsukiji, such as octopus rice cracker, squid sate.

Kaisen-don (Fish Bawl)

Go up to Tokyo tower / Sky tree

If you want to see Tokyo’s view from the top, these towers are grade location. Sky tree is a new tower and higher (634m). At Tokyo tower, there is “climbing-up-challenge” that you can go up with only stairs! Good exercising!

Tokyo Tower (333m)
Sky Tree (634m)

Tokyo Dome Amusement Park + Illumination+Baseball Game (Free for walking around)

If you like an amusement park, here is a decent place you can enjoy. The good thing about this park is you do not need entry fee. You can either buy one-day pass / pay each ride. At night, light up illumination is super beautiful.

If you like baseball, you can see the professional baseball game here. The name of the team is “Tokyo Giants”. If you are lucky, you can see the game $5 by standing area.

Tokyo Dome City
Tokyo Dome

Odaiba Shopping Mall (Free for walking around)

If you miss the ocean view, Odaiba is the best place to see the marine-side of Tokyo. There are many shopping malls, movie theatre, park, restaurants… so many things to do. 

Tokyo Disney Land

If you are a big fan of Disney, you should go 🙂 There is an official app that you can get fast-pass / how long the line of the attraction is etc.. so you should download. Small tip: If you buy ticket at the “ticket broker shop” at big cities, you can get $2-4 cheap ticket. Google “Kinken-shop in XX(Shinjuku, Tokyo, Shibuya)”.

Visit Shibuya to take the busiest crossing photo (Free)

The crossing is called “scramble crossing”. If you wanna feel the busiest street in Japan, you should go 🙂

Mitaka Ghibli Museum

Are you a big fan of Ghibli movies? There is a Ghibli museum in Mitaka, 20 mins train from central Tokyo, which you will be fascinated with all the exhibition. HOWEVER, you need to book before your arrival to get in. 


It is always fun to see the arcade! Crane games, driving games, rhythm games…. Check out the latest gaming machine!

There is also typical Japanese photo booth called “purikura”, which may be a little outdated with the emergence of photo app with all pretty filters, but its always good to have a photo printed as your memory. Age restriction may apply after 10pm.

VR Park Tokyo

If you like latest-tech, VR park is a possible destination.

VR Park Tokyo

Japanese Anime Shops

Akihabara (Tokyo) is the best place to visit if you like anime. Also, I have heard that Nakano (Tokyo) has many anime shops too. These are the keyword to search in google. My friend suggested me one Anime shop called “Animate”. You may try 🙂

I hope you find out some interesting place in Tokyo!
Let me know if you have any questions from the contact form!


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